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Welcome to MinyanLand, home of Hoofy the Bull and Boo the Bear. In our cool little town you get to play games and make friends, while you learn about earning, saving, spending and giving.

Remember, MinyanLand is free for everyone to use!

Your Money

Everyone starts out in MinyanLand with $50,000 in MinyanMoney and a Condo worth $50,000. You can visit the ATM in the Bank of MinyanLand to invest your money. Come back daily to see if your balance has gone up or down -- just like in the real world! You can also earn more MinyanMoney by doing real-life chores your parents assign you called Virtual Allowance.

Shop at Our Mall!

You can buy cool things for your home, add rooms and even move to a new neighborhood as you earn more money. It's all happening at the Mall.

What to Do, Where to Go

The WorldMap of MinyanLand shows you all the places to go in town. The MinyanLand Journal keeps you on top of what's new. Read it every day!

beveled eight shot-games You can earn money by playing the games of MinyanLand.
Here are the games and where to find them:

The better the health of your Critter, the more money you will earn. So stop in regularly at Ollie's Diner to fuel up.

Meet the Critters!

critter lineup Now it's time to meet Hoofy and Boo and the rest of The Critters.

Hoofy the Bull is president of the First Bank of MinyanLand and is respected by his fellow citizens. As an advocate of the bull market, he is always optimistic about potential ventures – even when the steaks are high.

Boo the Bear is a retired dot-com millionaire who was smart enough to sell his company before the bubble burst in 2000. Since then, he has lived comfortably in MinyanLand and serves as an unpaid (and often unsolicited) advisor.

Daisy the Cow is the executive producer of MinyanLand's television station. She is the voice of reason in debates between the bull and bear.

Cassidy the Bear is a schoolteacher who nurtures just about everyone in the community as its resident Earth mother. She likes to hike, bike, swim and surf and also writes a column for The MinyanLand Journal.

Sammy the Snake is an administrator in City Hall and is in charge of approving and regulating many of the town's business ventures. Nothing rattles him since he's seen it all and won't let himself get wrapped up in anything.

Snapper the Turtle is the "go to" guy in town when you need to get something done. At night he has a regular gig playing saxophone in a jazz band.

You can make friends in MinyanLand by clicking on the avatar and making an invitation. If someone invites you to be their friend, the choice is always up to you.

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